I Tre Torchi

Once upon a time… All the stories begin this way and always have a happy ending. Our story began in a wonderful day of May: we were coming from the mess of Milan, and we stopped in Moncucco: it was love at first sight. A view of nice hills, covered by vineyards and acacia’s woods. A view that filled our soul with peace. We immediately felt like home.
Here is where stands our nice villa and the “Residenza Tre Torchi” where we would like to host you in order to share with you the peace and beauty of these places. The way that leads you here is part of the pleasure of your stay. Woods, flowers and animals will tell you that nature has not been touched here yet.. We will teach you how to discover, just a few miles away, real eno-gastronomic paradises, artistic and cultural treasures, and the several festivals and celebrations in every seasons.

And once you get here…
What can you do? First of all, relax. Luxury means just having the time to enjoy life. Maybe drinking a glass of wine produced by one of the several enterprises we will take you to visit. If you have a dynamic aptitude, our spot is optimal for walks, mountain-bike rides (We rent bikes), through the natural parks of Valsarmassa e Rocchetta Tanaro. At arm’s length you can play bowls, go swimming, or, half an hour away, you can find a 9 holes golf court.
In one day you can have return trips to the beaches of the “Riviera Ligure di Ponente”, or cultural trips to Alba, Asti or Turin. But the most characteristic of all the activities is “andar per langa”, meaning going to visit the Langa landscapes, its artistic treasures, its medieval towns and its very famous eno-gastronomic delights, amongst which tartufo (truffle) is the best one.